Series Rules

(Amended 1/19/14)


If necessary, Admin will call out any revisions to these rules at the drivers meeting.


  • 1) No Restarts once the green flag waves.

  • 2) Double File Restarts on all restarts.

    • The lead car has their choice of lanes on a restart.

    • The second car back lines up opposite the lead car.

    • The third car back always lines up on the inside

    • All cars alternate after that.


  •  3) Lucky Dog is available all night long.

    • Drive around with one lap to go and we’ll clear your black flag penalty.


  •  4) Drive-A-Rounds may also be available all night long.

    • Drive-A-Rounds may not pit.

    • If all the lead lap cars pit on under caution anyone that is a lap down and ahead of the lead lap cars may drive around with one lap to go.

    • The “Lucky Dog” should be in front of all the cars that drive around.

    • Drive-A-Rounds will only be available if there are no lead lap cars in front of you.

    • If you’re one or more laps down but the Drive -A-Round is not available because one or more of the lead lap cars is ahead of you, then you must pit the second time by so your behind the lead lap cars when the green flag waves.

    • If a lead lap driver pits the second time by, they must get in line wherever they come out which may behind a lap down car.

  • 5) No Racing Back under caution until 10 or less laps to go.


  • 6) If you cause a caution type a “C”.

    • You don’t have to get to the end of the longest line just get in line where you belong.


  • 7) If you cause 2 cautions please park it for the night.


  • 8) We will clear black flags for out of position penalties during the restarts.

    • If you get a black flag because another driver is out of position, call out your car number and we’ll clear the penalty.

    • Black flags given for any other reason must be served.


* We ask that you please try to have a car file in all the series you race in.

* We also ask that you use the same number in all series.

* Those two things make it easier on the Admin and all those racing around you.