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Sunday Gen6BR15 – Fixed Setups & Moderate Damage.

Monday Night TRANS AM Series

Tuesday 9:20pm Est. Open Setup Series Cup90_cup Mod

Rocking Wednesday’s CWS2015 Truck Series

Thursday NWS11 Series “Ralphy’s Roughnecks”

C_Kettering’s Stadium Trucks Friday 10:30 Est

L_Gavel_Dirt_Series (Outlaw_CTS)

Saturday’s”Ghostly” DW12 Indy Car Experience Series

Sunday Gen6BR15 Recap

NWO-HUD Pulls One Off at DaytonaTR!

2nd- DWI Looney

3rd- NPRL Kyle Pegg



And our Season 65 Champion…NWO Bob!

2nd- NWO-Rusty (-5)

3rd- NPRL-Pegg18 (-9)


Join us NEXT SUNDAY at Atlanta for the opener for Season 66! Thanks to all that raced with us this season!

Saturday Night Series Recap

NPRL Escuba1 Makes A Last Lap Pass On NPRL Krash For The Win And Takes The Championship At OWR Daytona!

owr winners pic 2-25-17

Thanks For Racing With Us. Join Us Next Week Season 66 Starts At OWR Atlanta!

  • Pole Sitter: NPRL Ghost (212.194 mph)
  • Lead Changes: 13 (7 drivers)
  • Cautions: 2 (4 laps)
  • Most Positions Gained: NPRL Escuba1 gaining 5 positions

Ralphy’s Roughnecks Recap

Mr. Shawn Mosley OWNS at Kansas,
impressively lapping the lackluster field!


Tues Open Setup Night Results


NPRL Trans Am Series

NWO Diet Dew Sneaks One In at OWR Kansas!

2nd- NPRL-Pegg18

3rd- NPRL Escuba1



Saturday Night Series Recap

Michael Sanders Wins At OWR North Carolina


  Pole: NPRL Ghost (187.197)
Lead Changes: 12 (7 drivers)
Cautions: 1 (4 laps)
Most Positions Gained: Michael Sanders gaining 4 positions
Most Positions Lost: NWO Bob losing -4 positions

Thursday NWS11 Recap

NPRL Ghost edges out NWO Rocketzz for the win at Daytona NightBR!

2nd- NWO Rocketzz

3rd- DWI Shawn Mosley

ghost winners pic 2-16-17

Wednesday’s CWS2015 Truck Series

Screenshot (30)

Ralphy’s Roughnecks Results


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